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In recent weeks, I've been messing around w/ film work. For now, I'm just doing short film stuff-- starting w/ promo films for my books, and so on. Partly to help promote the books (obviously), but also to get practice doing film work. Then, with each project, learning a little more, and moving on to bigger and more complex films. I have a few short promo videos in the works, and after they're done, I'll be moving on to longer pieces, perhaps using my short fiction as source material, or perhaps even something entirely new. I may even do some extra short films for friends of mine for their books. I have one mind for Nicole del Sesto-- a short one like below. Not sure if I'll pull it off or not. I have to talk to her first anyway.

In any case, I've had this one on my page for a # of days now. Check it out. Not full motion film or anything. Just a few hours work, piecing things together. I'm fairly happy w/ it, and think it looks all right.

Special thanks to Kasey for taking those photos of me in the first place. I found her sunglasses, and we were just goofing around, and she said just keep posing. So, without those photos, no video now. Thanks again. :)

Anyway, more are on the way.

Best wishes to all.



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Hi Folks:

My short fiction collection, Misadventures in a Thumbnail Universe has been published by Eraserhead Press. It's available at places like amazon.com, and shocklines.com for $9.95. Click on the cover below to take you to its page on amazon.com:

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Here's a bit about it:

Come and experience the misadventures of a man with a fish-bowl for a brain, a woman who gives birth to bunnies, and Pterodactyl Man, who has raw egg for a heart. All of this and more in ten twisted tales from a master of Bizarro, Vincent W. Sakowski. Dive deep into the surreal and satirical realms of his neo-classical Blender Fiction, filled with television shoes and flesh-filled skies. You'll be both glad and disturbed that you did.

I hope you'll check it out.

Best wishes to all.


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Back on Tuesday, March 27, some friends and I shot some video footage to help promote my new novel: Not Quite One of the Boys. The video is posted at a number of places already... on my mypsace profile, at the Mondo Bizarro Forum, and at youtube. You can check it out here if you like:


I’ll be posting it elsewhere too. Feel free to share it, and let others see it.

It’s short, much like a movie trailer. We had some fun doing it, despite the crappy weather, which was for half of the shoot. Part of it was shot indoors, with Shaun MacDougall, and Mark Polachic for my bodies, and Arthur Slade shot the footage, while I directed, and in the second part, did a short monologue. A number of hours prep work, a couple hours of shooting, and a couple of hours of editing, all for 1 minute and 12 seconds, at next to no cost.

A good place for me to start.

I haven’t done any kind of film work in the longest time, but I’ve always wanted to get back into it, starting small-- just like this. Then, learning with each film, making them longer, working with a bigger, better budget, and so on.

Arthur and I edited the film with iMovie. ie) Him doing the work on the computer, but with me telling him what I wanted, going through our options, looking at different takes, choosing credits, music, and so on. For the outdoor footage, the first take had the better sound, but my delivery wasn’t as good as planned. In the second, it was much better, but as we changed the angle slightly, the wind was howling on the mic. So, we decided to double up the vocals, creating an odd pre-echo effect. (I say pre-echo, for if you watch the footage, you’ll see the lines, come, then me speaking with the second set.)  We tried this partly, because, even though the lines were mostly out-of sync, the last line: “Strap yourself in baby-waby for some Blender fiction at its finest” was right on the money. So, we figured it be cool to double the vocals. Then Arthur showed me this mirror effect, which also worked very well with the doubled vocals, and it added to the overall Bizarro aspects of the piece. The film isn’t perfect, but all things considered for time, resources, and so on, I’m quite pleased with it.

A big thanks to all three guys for all of their work, especially to Arthur-- for all of his extra time and effort.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be shooting another promotional video for my short fiction collection:
Misadventures in a Thumbnail Universe. The book was just released at the end of March. I hope you’ll check it out as well. All of my books are available at amazon.com, shocklines.com, and are in some stores as well. Hope all is well.

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Hey Folks:

I have a meet-the-author chat session scheduled over at The Lost and the Damned with Monica Smith moderating THIS THURSDAY, March 29. It's helping to promote my latest novel, NOT QUITE ONE OF THE BOYS, as well as Nicole Del Sesto, and her new novel: ALL ENCOMPASSING TRIP.

It's at 7pm Pacific-- 8pm Central-- 10 pm Eastern.

It would be great to get a lot of people attending, so spread the word! We'll be giving away one free book of each title to lucky participants.<br><br>Hope all are doing well, and hope to see you at the chat! The directions for how to get into it are<br>below, in case you haven't done it before.

Just go to:


And when you get a login box, type your name and click log in.

In other news...

My short fiction collection, MISADVENTURES IN A THUMBNAIL UNIVERSE, should be available shortly from Amazon.com and other locales. (I just placed my own order from Lightning Source.)

I did some filming today with a few friends, to do a special promo video for NOT QUITE ONE OF THE BOYS, and hope to have it edited and posted in the coming week or so. One will be following soon afterwards for MISADVENTURES IN A THUMBNAIL UNIVERSE.

Aside from this bit of filming, I'm working on my two latest novels, and promo for the two books out now. Always too much to do, and never enough time. Oh well. No worries.


Thanks to all who dropped by the Lost and Damned site last night and took part in the meet-the-author chat w/ Nicole Del Sesto and myself. The turn-out was quite good (better than I'd expected), and some old friends showed up, as well, as a bunch of people that were new to me, which is always great. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to do this all again sometime soon.

Thanks to Monica for keeping it well organized, and the questions flowing. I had to really be on my toes, especially as I can be rather verbose. There were quite a few laughs as well. So, it wasn't all serious discussion.

Congrats to Kasey, and to DJ, for winning copies of our books.

It was awesome getting re-connected w/ a couple of old friends of mine, whom I haven't spoken to in over a year: Jon Saklofske, and Chris Stroshein.

Thanks too to Nicole, who is always wicked devilish and fun. Aside from my dull replies, i got some good ones in there too, so it was all fun.

For my fellow Bizarros, perhaps we could/should start up w/ the Sun chats again, get together on more regular basis, stay in better touch, get better organized, and so on.

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Hi Folks:

I'm new to LJ, though I've had a variety of friends on here over the years. Much of what I write will likely be tied in with my writing, or other pursuits in the arts. Perhaps, I'll even reprint my tips for new/emerging writers here as well. Not sure how often I'll be posting here or anything, but I'll be around. A personal website is in the works.

And for those of you on myspace, you can find me at: http://www.myspace.com/vincentsakowski

That's about all for now. Welcome to my blah page. I'll update it and give it some more zing in the near future.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Take care,

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